• Student must reach school on time.

  • Student’s behavior in and outside the school shall be exemplary.

  • All students are expected to speak in English in the school campus.

  • They are expected to maintain high standard, in their general behaviour and manner of speech.

  • Students must come to school in proper uniform daily, failing which strict action will be taken.

  • Personal hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained by the students.

  • Boys hair cut Should be a proper Soldier cut.

  • All should feel and take pride in keeping their school premises clean.

  • Silence must be observed in the corridors and the stairway during the labs, library, assembly, games or any other activity classes. Attentiveness in class and regularity in homework and assignments are prime importance.

  • Students should take care of the school property. Any damage caused will be fined.

  • No electronic gadgets like mobile Phones, camera or cutting instruments should be brought to the school.

  • If brought to the school they will be confiscated.

  • Parents / guardians are not allowed to go to the class or have a meeting with the teachers during school hours.

  • Parents are requested to inform the school immediately, about a change of address or telephone numbers.

  • Undersigned letter without mentoring the child’s details will not be entertained.

  • The Principal’s permission is required for the following ; To make a collection for any purpose, where the school’s name is involved.

  • To arrange for a party, picnic or meet or participate in games, not arrange by the school.

  • To join sports meet or participate in games, not arranged by the school.


  • The course of study is arranged according to the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE Board.

  • All the subjects are taught in the school are English, Hindi, Mathematics,Science / EVS, Social Studies, Computer Science, General Knowledge,Art & Craft, music, Physical Education, Games & Sports,Yoga, Work Experience, Environment Education.

  • The academic year begins in the month of April and consist of two terms.

  • The first term is from April to September and second term is from October to March.

  • Students must carry their school calendar daily to the school.


  • Leave will be granted on prior written application from the parents.

  • In case of illness, medical certificate should be produced at the time of rejoining the school.

  • A medical fitness certificate issued by the doctor is to be submitted if the child is returning to the school after suffering from an infection disease.

  • If the leave exceeds a day, prior permission from the principal is to be sought.


  • Library books will be available on allotted days through the librarian .

  • Home lending is permitted for students from Std. V onwards.

  • Failing to return the book on the specified date, a student is liable to be fined @ Rs. 5 /- per day.

  • Damaged or lost book must be replaced by a new book other -wise full current cost of the book will be charged .

  • If the student fails to return the book by the end of the year his / her result will be withheld.​


  • No child is supposed to remain absent during examinations.If leave is taken during examination, no re-exam will be taken.

  • In case of genuine reason(i.e.chronicillness, hospitalization of a child etc) marks of the student will be given on an average basis.​

  • Assessment of the child by his / her performance in a single test or examination is no longer being considered to be sole
    criterion for judging academic achievement.

  • The student’s performance throughout the academic year will be taken into consideration for promoting to the next class.

  • No student who is sick or medically unfit will be allowed to take any test or examinations.

  • Producing a medical certificate for inability to attend any test shall not guarantee promotion.


  • Mutual respect for the other gender is to be observed.

  • A picnic as well as education trip will be arranged by the school on suitable days.

  • There shall be no birthday celebration in school i.e. any distribution of gifts sweet or exchange of cards. However the child can wear a civil dress with the identity card on his / her birthday.

  • A plant can be gifted to the school library will be appreciated.

  • There shall be no class get together of any form of party in the school and distribution of invitation cards in the school for any gathering.


  • A student may not be allowed to sit in the Annual Examination if he /she has not put in a minimum of 80% of the attendance for the academic session.

  • A student will have to secure overall 35% marks to be promoted.

  • A report on the performance of the student will be communicated to parents after every examination.

  • Students are evaluated and assessed through various ways.

  • There are many skilled areas in which every student is assessed throughout the year.​