Mrs. Swati Randive

Children excel at whatever they do if they enjoy doing it. Therefore our goal at Vidyavalley International School is to make their learning experience vibrant and enjoyable.

Every new session we start our journey with new dreams in our heads and hearts. Underlying objective always is to enable children discover the unknown. Thought process and beliefs always such – that , let the children do  what they love to do and this will bring  out the best of them. The school has an Empirical Approach towards the students and they will excel in this process.


“You are strong when you know your weakness. You are beautiful when you appreciate your flaws. You are wise when you learn from your mistakes” Howard Gardners, Nine multiple intelligence method is the best, and we at Vidyavalley International School use is to understand our children better.


Academic excellence is an outcome of what one does every day while focusing on areas of individual’s area of interest. We believe that the children blossom when they are encouraged and challenged to think critically. Incisive thinkers, confident self-directed learners our goals. The holistic approach and the goal is easy talked, difficult, but not impossible to achieve. For the holistic development The school has also started up with MCF (Marshal Cadet Force)this encourages the students for various adventures, inculcates self-disciplinary habits in them and incline students towards a fighting spirit & positive attitude.


An approach with conviction and belief in ourselves will definitely help us achieve what we target. S.P. Deshmukh Shikshan Sanstha strives to achieve what is best and works with strong convictions.  

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